Giving Your People the Right Access

To keep facilities and organizations safe and secure, we design and build control solutions for all types of businesses. Biometric Finger print provides more accuracy, accessing in a building via parking lot or main entrance 

Access control lets you set up controls for which of your employees and visitors have access to what areas of your business. This can be especially vital if you handle sensitive information or materials.

Whether you’re looking for an Access Control system or Door Intercom for your residential or commercial, E Concept specializes in matching customers with the right services and equipment. Our solutions focus on security and more to keep you connected.


Management of an efficient attendance platform for the employees is important for its effective functioning. Biometric technology is an automated attendance procedure that keeps a track of the working hours of the employees due its ability to recognize employee’s fingerprints.

Main advantages of our Biometric system are

  • Attendance tracking made easy
  • Real Time data transfer and WEB online tracking
  • Payroll Error Reduction
  • Scalability
  • No Proxy Attendance
  • No Data Manipulation

Service Includes…

  • Delivery of the biometric device
  • Installation and configuration
  • Testing of device
  • Testing of report extraction from the HR application as well as normal reports, if required
  • Employee training

Access Control System is one of the necessities in almost every major sector. The most primary use of an access control system is to restrict a person who is not supposed to enter an area. This could be any entrance: a production facility, a parking garage, a server room, a personnel records room, or any other sensitive area. You may also use an access control system to keep record of in/out timings of employees, workers or students. In other words, ANSARIES help you choose a system that significantly simplifies management of your premises or facility.

But there is an important point to consider: how secure do you need the system to be & what integration solution you require to connect with the Access Control? ANSARIES have the answer for your question. Our design team suggests best viable solutions according to the requirements of the premises. Like what systems you need to connect to your access control system i.e. monitored alarm systems and CCTV systems are two good examples of integrated solutions.

In other words, a basic system usually features a keypad or swipe card. Higher security applications may require multiple means of authentication (a card, face recognition and thumbprint, for example) and include more redundancy