Do you have a person who is capable to handle all your IT related concerns?


Does he have the skill set and knowledge to act fast ang give solution on problems regarding your switches, routers, firewall appliance, servers and storage , ups, workstations, laptops, printers and scanners, wireless AP’s, IP Cameras, NVR’s DVRs, IP Phones and PBX’s. Does he have all the technical knowledge and experience to resolve them all? Is he capable enough to provide support for both hardwares and software issue? 


Smart Desc Trading is the best solutions for you, we are skilled experts in all aspect of Information Technology and Engineering (Hardware & Software) that will support your businesses 24/7. We can help you to grow and provide security services as best as we can. 

What will you gain if you engage on AMC?


  1. SDT will ensure proper health check on all you IT equipments and devices
  2. SDT will provide proper IT-Equipments Inventory 
  3. SDT will advice and provide whats the best solutions for End-of-file devices 
  4. SDT will provide Telephone support, Remote Support and on-premise support depends on the level of response time and resolution time agreed by both party
  5. SDT will take care all the issue related IT-devices


Our AMC System services offer :

  1. CCTV System
  2. IT/Network System (Hardware or Software)
  3. Sound System 
  4. Intercom System 
  5. SMATV System 
  6. Access Control System
  7. Gate Barrier System 



In these packages, We can offer several services :

  1. On-Site visit support
  2. Emergency visit support
  3. Onlines/Remote support
  4. Call/Telephone instruction support


We are offering Complimentary AMC for the products that purchase from us for One Year and give necessary support for a smooth workflow.

For full details of this offer, please contact the information details mentioned.